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Make IT Asset Management Fit for the Future

Six Steps to Total IT Asset Management

Is poor quality IT Asset Management posing risks to your business? Or do you have some ITAM in place but it’s time to step up to the next maturity level? Either way, we can work with your internal teams to identify and implement the changes they need to make to keep your IT Assets safe and maximise your return on investment.

1. ITAM Current State Diagnostic and Gap analyses

Many IT Organisations find that short diagnostic exercises are useful in helping them define and articulate the problems they are facing in order to obtain senior management sponsorship for change. ITAM Intelligence will conduct a current state diagnostic to help you understand existing ITAM capability and provide high level recommendations for improvement and can also carry out tool, resourcing and process gap analyses to deepen understanding of specific areas of concern.

2. ITAM Strategy

We will work with you to develop a detailed IT Asset Management Strategy that is aligned to your IT and Business needs. It will include a detailed process maturity assessment to provide a baseline of current service maturity, clearly outline the future vision and desired state and provide recommendations regarding how to achieve this. The Strategy development process will also address resourcing, reporting lines, risk management and assurance, procurement and cross-charging requirements and IT governance.

3. ITAM Service Design

With a large number of stakeholders, both within and external to IT (such as HR and Finance) we recommend that businesses treat ITAM as an end to end IT Service. ITAM Intelligence can support the development of detailed service designs including re-charging models, process documentation, ITAM policies and resource plans. In addition, we can help you with budget applications and project proposals to allow you to implement desired changes as soon as possible.

4. Service Implementation

As with all things IT, implementation is key – all the planning in the world won’t bring benefits until a project has been implemented. ITAM Intelligence can provide the technical and subject matter expertise you need to help drive change and realise its benefits. Whether you are implementing a formal ITAM project, or have gone down the route of continuous improvement, we can support your team to identify low hanging fruit, identify and support ITAM best practice and work with stakeholders to ensure that new processes work for them and that the change will stick.

5. Service Operation

ITAM risks are classic black swans – low probably but high risk – with the result that although day to day processes and operations are effective and well-supported by analysts and practitioners, there is a skills gap at senior subject matter level that really bites when a software vendor decides to audit, or it’s time to negotiate a new contract with a strategic vendor. ITAM Intelligence can help fill this gap through a bespoke retainer arrangement that provides the senior SME support your team needs to manage and escalate risks appropriately, respond to changing IT and Business strategy and requirements, and drive increasing benefits from ITAM.

6. ITAM Assurance

Measurement of the tangible changes and benefits a project or continuous improvement activity brings is an important but often overlooked aspect of management. Identifying and publicising the tangible and visible benefits of any activity boosts morale, maintains momentum and can support the business case for more resources. ITAM Intelligence can provide independent evaluation of ITAM benefits and assure the progress your team is making towards their targets so that senior managers are confident the investment they have made in improving ITAM is worthwhile.