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Cloud, Internet of Things, SaaS, Paas, Iaas – IT has always been non-stop jargon – but the reality behind today’s jargon is a world of increasing technological and organisational complexity.

In the new world of hyper-virtualisation and hyper-connectivity, managing assets is no longer a simple matter of counting physical machines once a year, doing a stock take of software boxes in the store cupboard and making sure there is a match.

These days IT Asset Management is turning into a governance function, kissing-cousin to Information Security and IT Financial Management, and focused on managing ITAM related risks. Knowing how your IT Services are provided – how they are purchased, where are they hosted, how are they accessed, who is using them – is key to ensuring you get the most value from your IT assets while minimising the risk of software non-compliance, unused licenses and subscriptions and the reputational and financial impact of information security breaches through lost or stolen equipment.

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