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“We’re living in times of unprecedented change”… how many times you have heard this cliché? Organisational change is driven by the need to implement a digital transformation and respond to new market drivers, merger & acquisitions (M&A) and the agile / DevOps revolution.

Market, technology and business driven change cascades through the organisation and means that ITAM teams need to adjust their priorities to ensure they continue to be aligned to business outcomes. ITAM teams are instrumental in managing the trade-off between customer service and agility, risk management and cost control, and unless they adapt to new realities, they are in danger of being seen as ‘failing’.

Getting this three way trade-off correct requires a rethink of how and why ITAM teams are doing what they are doing. A strategic review of the ITAM strategy and operating model is required to ensure ITAM teams continue to add value now and in the future.

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