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Mergers & Acquisitions can be complex, highly confidential, and subject to tight IT Separation and re-branding deadlines with the threat of severe penalties of they are missed.

Unexpected costs associated with novating or assigning IT contracts can completely blow an IT Separation budget, creating significant challenges for programme teams and in extreme cases putting benefits realisation of the whole deal at risk.

ITAM Intelligence can help you assess the risks associated with your IT Contracts and work with you, the counterparty and vendors to negotiate the novation of contracts to support the transitional services agreement and make sure deadlines are met. We can also help you understand your new licensing position and assign the licenses required to ensure you are compliant.

Get in touch today on 020 3633 0174 to learn more about how ITAM Intelligence can help you manage the contractual and licensing issues associated with Mergers & Acquisitions or click here to read about how we supported a multi-national company acquire a facilities management business unit from another multi-national.