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More ITAM by Design – BCS Article

Back in October, the BCS published a follow up article to the ITAM by Design White Paper available on this website.

The article explores what it is to be truly ‘proactive’ in ITAM which many people think is about being ready to defend an audit, or harvesting unused licenses to lower software costs.

Truly proactive ITAM is about putting in place sound governance processes and controls that prevent IT Asset related risks from being caused in the first place. As the article says,

“A good IT Asset Manager will poke their nose into activities that do not obviously concern them, such as programme and project approval boards and technical design committees. Their aim is to identify and mitigate ITAM risks BEFORE the technology is deployed as well as to ensure that projects and solutions ‘bake in’ the necessary processes and tools that ensure IT assets can be managed effectively throughout their lifecycle.”

You can read the full article here, and if you or your ITAM team would like some assistance in working through ITAM governance, processes and controls, please do get in touch!