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Success stories

Audit Defence

Microsoft Audit Defence – Federated Multinational Company


A federated multi-national company, was audited by Microsoft and a compliance issue was identified. ITAM Intelligence was engaged to validate the audit results and establish a mechanism to recharge individual business units for fees relating to non-compliance.

What did we do?

We analysed the Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS) to identify which business units held which licences; a 3rd party was engaged to create an Effective Licensing Position (ELP) to allow business units to identify additional entitlement; the MLS was then re-issued and the updated Group ELP showed a significant reduction in non-compliance. Non-compliance costs were then correctly allocated to business units. We succeeded in supporting a 75% reduction in non-compliance risk and enabled the Group to recharge non-compliance to individual business units avoiding a one-off charge on the Group P&L.