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Success stories

ITAM Strategies and Frameworks

ITAM Diagnostic – ISG Plc


ITAM Intelligence carried out a short ITAM diagnostic to review whether the right people, tools, processes and governance were in place and provided recommendations regarding an ITAM improvement programme for the business.

What did we do?

We interviewed key stakeholders within IT; identified areas of concern and provided recommendations for resolution; identified some quick wins; and highlighted areas of good practice. We succeeded in providing a high level roadmap to enable development of an ITAM transformation plan that will allow the business to realise the benefits of its move to the Cloud.

ITAM Strategy – Federated Multi-National

A large, federated multi-national required an ITAM Strategy to ensure that all business units had appropriate IT Asset Management processes in place. This would allow the reputational, financial and regulatory risks associated with ITAM to be identified, escalated and managed appropriately on a business wide basis.


What did we do?

We carried out an ITAM Maturity assessment using quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (interviews) methods and interviewed senior Managers in the Office of the CIO and Divisional IT Directors to understand business and IT strategies and governance models. We published a detailed Current State and Recommendation report and a formal ITAM Strategy aligned to the ISO 19770-1:2012 Software Asset Management Standard, which was approved by the IT Steering Board for implementation in 2016.

ITAM Service Design – Shared Service

A shared service organisation, established to provide IT Services to several divisions in a large multi-national business, identified that its poor standard of ITAM Maturity was putting the business at risk and contributing to reduced levels of service to their divisional customers.


What did we do?

We worked with divisional and shared service stakeholders and identified high level requirements for a Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) Service including scope, resourcing requirements, tools and processes. A formal Service Design was documented and a phased implementation approach was recommended and approved by senior management within the shared service. ITAM Intelligence have been retained to provide ongoing coaching and mentoring as the new SACM team develop more detailed requirements and commence implementation of Phase One.