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Success stories

Vendor Negotiations

Autodesk Vendor Negotiation – Multinational Construction and Building Services Company


ITAM Intelligence was supporting a multi-national construction and building services company with Software Asset Management and identified an opportunity for the business transformation of 2D CAD software to Business Information Modelling (BIM).

What did we do?

We engaged with business users; agreed requirements for BIM software products; confirmed licence requirements; and negotiated a £multi-million licensing / consulting deal for concurrent global network licences. We succeeded in instigating software transformation which achieved global economies of scale.

Microsoft Vendor Management – UK Support Service and Construction Company


ITAM Intelligence helped a UK support service and construction company turn a tactical relationship into a strategic partnership which enabled Interserve’s move to Office 365 and a new user based subscription licensing model.

What did we do?

We implemented peer to peer relationships and regular account meetings at business, IT senior management and IT operational levels; built a joint account strategy; and identified critical success factors and key performance indicators to measure the success of the relationship. We succeeded in obtaining significant monetary and resource investment by Microsoft to build a business case for Office 365 and support implementation once the agreement was signed.