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BCS CMSG UK SAM Networking London Evening Event – 6th September 2016





I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer – it has definitely been a busy one in the sporting and political arenas!  These are tough acts to follow, but myself and the BCS UK SAM Networking team are really looking forward to our own forthcoming events outlined below. 

We are very pleased that our next London evening event will be held at the BCS Offices in Covent Garden, from 6.00pm on Tuesday 6th September.   

The first of two sessions will see Niall Eddery of Livingstone Tech providing a useful insight into the complex world of Oracle Licensing, including vendor management, audit defence and addressing the “gaps”.

Niall has more than a decade of SAM experience and has worked with companies including Barclays Bank and major software vendors Microsoft and IBM.  Throughout his career Niall has accrued extensive audit experience and has managed several Oracle licensing projects.  

The second presentation by Mark Lillywhite of Snow Software will focus on the less than enthusiastic implementation ISO 19770-2 has received to date from certain software vendors.  Mark will highlight the features of this SWID Tag standard and how the industry can ultimately benefit from this (or an alternative solution), if it is embraced fully and in full, rather than the current half-hearted adoption. 

Mark is currently a Pre Sales Consultant with Snow Software and has 15 years experience specialising in Configuration and Software Asset Management.


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