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Effective IT Asset Management – A Powerful Tool to Benefit Your Business

IT Service Management

IT Service Management

As we all know, a successful (profitable!) business is one that has achievable objectives, implemented by dedicated and reliable personnel and supported by robust processes. 

To explore this from an ITAM perspective, I recently worked with Dave Kelsey, of the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT,  to write an article, that looked at the importance of ITAM and its fundamental role within IT Service Management. It was published in both the Daily Telegraph and the Future of Tech website, which is pretty exciting! 

In the article, we observed that in order to improve your IT Asset costs and efficiency, you first have to understand what and where your assets are and how they are currently being used.  Once this has been established and reviewed against (ever changing) business needs, you can identify and prioritise the issues you need to deal with, such as licensing compliance, operational efficiency and maintaining the security and integrity of your IT Assets. 

So far so IT focused! However one frequently overlooked area which can benefit from a good ITAM process is efficient asset lifecycle management.  Regular review and replacement / upgrade of hardware and software can result in more effective business communication and a healthy return on investment.  This can also contribute to responsible sustainability and environmental awareness, key considerations for many organisations in the current business climate. 

So the message is that implementation and management of a structured IT Asset Management is a major factor for a more efficient and cost effective business. 

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