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ITAM Accelerate is here!

Rory Canavan and I have been good friends for years. Both of us are ITAM geeks, but both of us realised years ago that the key to successful ITAM is not a tool, or even licensing knowledge or skill, but that good ITAM must be aligned to the business and have the right mix of governance, people & partners, process, and tooling.

A few years ago we joined forces to write a hardware asset management process kit which provides templates for best-practice HAM processes. Then we decided to update and re-write Rory’s existing software asset management kit so it aligned to the 2017 version of ISO19770-1.

This has given us oodles of best-practice collateral and templates that we wanted to share with the world! But a big problem with process documents is that they often end up sitting on a shelf getting dusty. How do we help practitioners take our processes and adapt them for their organisations and then actually implement them? We do this all the time for consultancy clients, but wanted a way to make that sort of consultancy accessible to many more people. Basically we wanted to try and scale up consultancy, while at the same time providing a training path for ITAM practitioners that goes beyond the theory learned in ITAM foundation courses.

So ITAM Accelerate was born!

Our hope is that ITAM Accelerate will help ITAM practitioners put the principles and theory of ITAM into practice to help deliver tangible differences in the workplace. Our small group process training aims to provide the support most of us need to make our SAM and ITAM processes a reality, identify improvements and work with stakeholders to get them implemented.

Read more about ITAM Accelerate and how it works here.