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Optimising Mobile Device Management : Points To Consider

Effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a hot ITAM topic, as the requirement for a user to access both company and personal information on the same device is starting to become the “norm”.

So, what is the latest industry thinking about the options and considerations to ensure that company information is protected without affecting the user’s instant access to data? And how do you build a business case for the implementation of a solution?

Traditionally, “containerising” company information in one place on the device has been the recommended approach. It’s good for data protection and thus benefits the company.  However, it can take several clicks to access the information, resulting in a frustrating and time consuming experience for the user.   Clearly this is not the objective of Mobile SAM, so where is the compromise?

Many organisations are finding that company managed Apps installed on the device could offer a “win/win” solution, with easy to install and manage software, where company information is not compromised and where the user can access all data at the click of a button.

Licensing requirements for such Apps on personal devices is also an important consideration to ensure compliance (a crucial contributing factor in an effective SAM Audit) – most mobile device platforms recognise this and are capable of integrating with broader ITSM and SAM toolsets to meet this need.

However, a comprehensive solution to mobile devices management requires a joined up approach between Enterprise Architecture, Support Teams and IT Asset Managers. Not all companies and organisations are at the point where they consider this a priority. While the company’s initial setup investment in cost, time and licensing provision should ultimately see a return in a time saving and more convenient data management process for both the company and the person using the device, making the initial business case can be challenging.

MDM is a much broader issue than just SAM or ITAM; you will find you have powerful allies in Information Security and potentially in IT Procurement as the cost savings achievable through effective MDM are significant. Developing these stakeholder relationships will help develop a more robust business case that can then drive implementation within the business.

If you need to find out more about MDM, you might find the resources below helpful. And of course please get in touch at if you’d like to have a conversation with us about MDM in your organisation.

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